Red Jet Ski

Red Jet 4 is a passenger catamaran ferry operated by Red Funnel on their route from Southampton to Cowes on the Isle of Wight, along with sister ships Red Jet 3, and the latest Red Jet 6.

She was built by North West Bay Ships in Hobart, Tasmania.[1] After her launch on 20 February 2003 she was placed aboard a heavy lift ship to be transported to Southampton where she arrived 9 May 2003.[1] She was officially named by Dame Ellen MacArthur on 18 June 2003 and entered service five days later.[1] During those 5 days the ship was used for a number of excursions including following the Round the Island Race.[1]

On 11 November 2008 Red Jet 4 was used on a number of sightseeing trips to view Queen Elizabeth 2 before it left Southampton for the final time.[2]

She is featured in the 2008 video game Ship Simulator 2008 with the MV Red Eagle as a sailable ship.[3]

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