This true story speaks volumes about the importance of friendship. It also proves the old saying that one true friend is better than hundred relatives. What makes friendship such a great lifeline for every human being in this world? A better world can be created only through friendship.

The Importance of Friendship

One of the most important reasons for having friends is the fact that you have a group of trusted people with whom you can safely grow old. Friends are there to take care of your loneliness, insecurities, doubts, worries, apprehension and fears. No insurance policy can compare with the comfort that one gets when he is surrounded by a group of his trusted old friends. With time, everyone passes through different phase of life and friends are part of the celebrations as well as mourning which are interspersed in one’s life. The shoulders of a friend offer the strongest support; and who better than friends with whom one has shared each other’s happiness and miseries.

Another reason is the unconditional nature of this relationship. Friendship is something that does not work like business. There is no anticipation of any gain while doing something for a friend. Nor are there any conditions attached while rendering any help or assistance. This is what makes the relationship so divine in nature. Even in the Bhagavad Gita, the treatise of ancient knowledge; God is said to address his devotees as the best of friends, while stressing on the benevolent nature of the Supreme.

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