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The year 2017 came with the prospects of studying in Australia. This urged us to diversify our services and the company changed its name from Academy to Education Services after the popular domain. For us the diversification of our services is a key to our success. Since then we have had very good response in both test preparation of IELTS and study visa processing in Australia. We are doing our best to cover a larger pie of success in coming days.

Looking back to our achievement, all I can say is this is attributed to our hard work, dedication and sincerity as a team work. Now  we successfully provide our services for study abroad in many countries including Canada, Korea, UK, USA and some European countries There are a great number of successful students and well-wishers that have always referred us for our services. We always look forward to providing good services hence to add values to the life of our students, their guardians and family members.

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